How To Organize A Move With Children in New York

Making a change of house is a complicated event, but if there are also little ones in between, the stress can be unbearable, so we are going to give some tips for a move in New York with children.

When it has been decided definitively that the change of address is going to take place , the first thing is to inform the children of what is going to happen so that they assimilate it and it does not become a traumatic experience.

We can establish a series of guidelines to make everything more bearable:

  • It is necessary to explain the change and why it is necessary to carry it out, in words that they can understand according to their age.
  • You also have to take into account that they are used to their way of life and where they are, so the news of a move may not feel good at first. For all of the above, it is convenient to speak honestly about what is going to happen, answering the questions and doubts that, surely, will arise.
  • Get them to create an illusion that the new place will be better, more beautiful , a place in which they will have a lot of prominence because they will collaborate in the decoration, they will be able to store their toys, ask them how they would like their rooms to be, etc.
  • It is possible that this is a hard blow at the beginning for the little ones who are already used to a school environment with friends, teachers and classmates.Therefore it is important that they know the new educational center, teachers and a new classmate with whom they are going to be in class to gain confidence; In addition, you have to make them see that they are not going to lose their old friends that they can continue to see often.
  • Others think that moving house during the school year is more appropriate since being at school, it means that parents can dedicate themselves conscientiously during those hours to the transfer of belongings and other tasks related to the change of address.
  • Either while there is class or during vacation periods, the question is to establish priorities and see what is the most convenient.
  • In the most complicated moments of the whole process, it is advisable to leave them in charge of a family member or trusted friends, but if that is not achieved, the ideal is to organize looking for some activities that can entertain them, such as drawing, painting, finding a computer game that satisfies them.
  • Of course, once they get down to work, it is necessary to remain calm, especially when children are present by transferring a positive attitude to them, to avoid them taking what is to come as something negative or aggressive.

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How To Protect Your Furniture During A Move in New York?

This question has crossed our minds when making a move: how am I going to move that huge furniture that I have in the living room, the bedroom closets, the dressers, the bookcase, the big table where everyone eats the family? That’s the first thing: move them. Then, and assuming that we have hired a moving company, the next question is how they are going to transport them to the van, truck or truck without suffering any friction or damage, taking into account their weight.

To give you some light on these questions that will arise, we have made this post. And we have to tell you that a fundamental question to protect your furniture during a move is to be clear about the protective objectsthat we are going to use. These can be from blankets, clothes or fabrics to cushion the parts of the furniture that we will have disassembled, to foam filling, which will be placed in the boxes between those components. Because one thing is obvious. Furniture that can be disassembled, we will disassemble . Or the specialists of the moving company in New York will do it . Everything that can be put into boxes, we are going to put it for the simple reason that it moves, moves better around the building when going down the stairs or in the elevator and gets into the van much more easily.

The objective is to prevent the furniture from breaking on any corner or side, scratching or having any damage. For that it is important to take these measures:

  • Empty the furniture. Remove items from inside furniture to make it easier to move, lift and transport
  • Pack the objects inside according to their class or type and pack them
  • Cleaning the furniture: to avoid bacteria and mold and dirt accumulated over time
  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Remove removable parts from furniture
  • Consult the assembly and disassembly instructions for each piece of furniture in the manual or on the internet
  • Store screws and small pieces of furniture in transparent bags that adhere to the furniture to know that they belong there
  • Safely pack or pack the largest disassembled parts in boxes and mark them with the name to find them and know where they are
  • Take pictures of the disassembly process with a Smartphone

What Materials To Use To Protect Furniture In A Move?

  • Cardboard boxes : Cardboard boxes are basic because it is where we are going to deposit, for transport, the parts of the furniture that are removable, screws, instruction manuals, etc. If the boxes are made of reinforced cardboard, it is much better, since they bear more weight. Regarding the clothes that we put in the wardrobe, vertical wardrobe boxes are very useful, in which the clothes are placed inside and thus do not have to be folded and unfolded to reach their destination.
  • Bubble wrap: when we have fragile objects that can break with the inherent movement of transport, it is good to wrap them in bubble wrap, to prevent them from being damaged or broken.
  • Plastic wrap: with it we will get rid of dust, dirt and scratches on the different components of the furniture. Both bubble wrap and plastic wrap can be purchased at DIY stores like Leroy Merlin or Aki, or at Amazon and similar sites.
  • Duct tape. It is preferable that it has a cutter or dispenser, so as not to be cutting every time we need a strip of tape, with a scissors or with the teeth, which is worse. There is packing tape that has the word fragile written on it that can be used to mark the boxes that have fragile objects
  • Sofa cover and mattress cover : to cover objects such as sofas, mattresses, chairs or armchairs and prevent them from hitting or getting dirty.
  • Blankets to protect furniture , particularly very sharp corners or sides, and furniture can also be placed on top and moved by pulling the blanket.
  • Corner protectors: They are more specific than blankets to protect the corners of furniture and household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc. They can be made of cardboard or foam.
  • Foam padding: Place between glasses, plates and other fragile utensils to prevent them from moving and breaking
  • Other accessories: Currently we can find many types of accessories useful for a move, such as straps to immobilize boxes in the van, rubber bands, stickers to indicate things in a box, such as, for example, that it cannot be emptied or dump, wheeled stands, wheelbarrows …

Tools That We Will Surely Use To Pack And Pack The Furniture

  • Adjustable wrench: We will have to unscrew the nuts and bolts of the furniture
  • Hammer: To nail some part or to break a part
  • Scissors: It is good that we have them to cut any strip of electrical tape, a rope, a paper, packing tape
  • Metro: It will be necessary to measure furniture and know if we can fit in a moving box, in our new house, in the van or moving van, in the elevator or through the stairwell
  • Cutter: Using it with enough skill and care not to damage what may be inside a box, when opening it. It will also help us to cut the pieces of the packaging tape and cut anything easily and quickly
  • Screwdrivers: To remove screws or pieces of furniture that we have disassembled.

How To Pack Each Type Of Furniture?

In the case of cabinets, bookcases, dressers and tables: the corners must be well protected with protectors . And the furniture can be wrapped in blankets or fabrics to prevent scratches. Drawers should be taped shut to prevent them from slipping and breaking other parts or breaking when dropped.

In the wardrobes, after disassembling them, the wardrobe boxes that we have talked about before will be used. It is important to remember how we have disassembled it, which can be done with photos with a mobile phone or a short video, even with pauses for each part of the disassembly. Armchairs, sofas and chairs will be better protected from dust and dirt with plastic wrap. Obviously, the cushions or pillows will have to be removed and stored separately. And we will do the same with the wheels, if they have the legs of the sofa or armchair, or of the chair.

What Are The Most Fragile Pieces Of Furniture To Protect During A Move?

If we talk about fragile furniture , works of art and decorative objects are usually fragile because they have many components of glass or glass. But it is also that works of art require special care due to the value they have, even if they are not works of recognized prestige, for their owner.

Other fragile objects par excellence are glasses, cutlery, plates, jugs, dishes, that is, tableware . There are cardboard dividersgreat for transporting these utensils, which can be purchased at Ikea. But in any case it is necessary not to put too many of these fragile objects together to prevent them from breaking when colliding with each other. And basic is also to use bubble wrap and foam filling to fill the space that remains between glass and glass, glass and glass, or another object.

Finally, the boxes that contain fragile objects, it is highly recommended that they have the word Fragile written , either by means of a sticker or written with a marker, so that the employees of the moving company know that they have to take maximum care. It would also be good if the boxes containing fragile objects are stronger and more resistant .

Drone Manufacturing

Drones make gifts that are attractive for youngsters and with a high number of versions available for children, you’ll find one that your kid will love traveling. Drones are not usually dangerous for kids, and you have to be worried about. When you get a drone for the children with a camera to catch these moments in the playground or just around the home or backyard, it is possible to enhance your family moments at

The benefit of children is it’s going to take a brief moment about them to understand the best way to handle the drones securely, and they are quick learners. It’s nevertheless still important that the children are supervised by you as they usually love traveling. You’ll understand that quality rises with the cost if you are outside searching to find the best drones for children. But there are a lot of drones that are affordable, and it is possible to get one for the kids. With the right selection, you will be able to buy a drone which is not difficult to soar, simple to keep and one which is long-lasting and does not instantly crash.

Consider the minimal age that is soaring

The the fact is that drones are unsuitable for children of any age that are specified (website). With regards to the small drones with ten years being the reduction for many age tips are given by drone manufacturing companies. You’re able to utilize kid adulthood however also to discover what age is best for their sake to own a drone. Kids who know such and robotics could fly the drones whereas the age of 10 may seem acceptable enough. The time also needs to lead to the characteristics which might be not irrelevant. As an example, children over the age of 12 may probably discover actions digicam drones more inviting than these without.

Assess size and velocity

These will be both components that are likely involved in injuries that are the drone. When picking drones for children, it’s safer that you choose the design manufactured from ABS plastic which is lasting and light-weight. This type of a drone removes the harm that may be due to a bigger or substantially more dense drone, particularly when a kid just understands to travel. Plaything drones that are little are not essentially harmful. The lower speed is also greatest for children. Revolving rates that should be chosen appropriately when kids understand to soar to reduce risks, as stated in ‘populaire laptops’ Sluggish traveling drones are not more dangerous for children, but you could always update the dimension and velocity by the age attained.

About soaring surroundings think

It is possible to either get your kid or the one that can be flown in both environments an indoor or a backyard drone. Interior drones have orders that are quite receptive and secure hovers whereas drones that are outside function engine strength to maintain hover security and ought to at the very least be wind-resistant. Ensure that you’ve got room enough or outside before purchasing. The past thing that you need will be to have your children travel the drones in your neighbor’s room that may be privacy invasion…