How To Organize A Move With Children in New York

Making a change of house is a complicated event, but if there are also little ones in between, the stress can be unbearable, so we are going to give some tips for a move in New York with children.

When it has been decided definitively that the change of address is going to take place , the first thing is to inform the children of what is going to happen so that they assimilate it and it does not become a traumatic experience.

We can establish a series of guidelines to make everything more bearable:

  • It is necessary to explain the change and why it is necessary to carry it out, in words that they can understand according to their age.
  • You also have to take into account that they are used to their way of life and where they are, so the news of a move may not feel good at first. For all of the above, it is convenient to speak honestly about what is going to happen, answering the questions and doubts that, surely, will arise.
  • Get them to create an illusion that the new place will be better, more beautiful , a place in which they will have a lot of prominence because they will collaborate in the decoration, they will be able to store their toys, ask them how they would like their rooms to be, etc.
  • It is possible that this is a hard blow at the beginning for the little ones who are already used to a school environment with friends, teachers and classmates.Therefore it is important that they know the new educational center, teachers and a new classmate with whom they are going to be in class to gain confidence; In addition, you have to make them see that they are not going to lose their old friends that they can continue to see often.
  • Others think that moving house during the school year is more appropriate since being at school, it means that parents can dedicate themselves conscientiously during those hours to the transfer of belongings and other tasks related to the change of address.
  • Either while there is class or during vacation periods, the question is to establish priorities and see what is the most convenient.
  • In the most complicated moments of the whole process, it is advisable to leave them in charge of a family member or trusted friends, but if that is not achieved, the ideal is to organize looking for some activities that can entertain them, such as drawing, painting, finding a computer game that satisfies them.
  • Of course, once they get down to work, it is necessary to remain calm, especially when children are present by transferring a positive attitude to them, to avoid them taking what is to come as something negative or aggressive.

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